Found Out Everyone is Shallow…

So as you all know I’ve been held up around the house recovering from my spinal injury.  I am happy to report that at 10 weeks I am feeling much better. 

Since the last time I talked about it I am able to stand sit and walk much further than I could before. The pain is a constant, but I am off the prescription pain meds and lowered my dose on the over the counter stuff. 

There is still a long road ahead of me. I start nursing school on Monday and with a bum back I’m sure it’ll be rough. I’m not a religious man but if you feel so inclined to pray for me I’m not opposed. 

On the upside I’m back to working out…Kinda. I’m in water therapy and I spend 3 hours a week submerging weighted objects and doing assisted squats. It’s not the most ideal scenario but I’m finally working my way back to health. 

I’ll post a final update after I see the doc in a few weeks. 

– Ryan 


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