Vogue Vogue…

Hey guys it has been awhile since I have written something personal and I figured now would be a good time. As you can deduce from reading my previous entries, I put a great deal of emphasis on appearance. My passion for the ultimate physique goes way beyond the gym however.

I went to school for music business, so already I was up to my eyeballs in “the look” and what it takes to become successful as a performer, but that is not where I am going today. Even though tour management and Billboard charts filled my everyday, advertising caught my eye, hell doesn’t it catch yours? Just look around. Everything you own has been branded in some form or another. It’s amazing!

My friends in school were all photographers. musicians, and graphic designers so if it didn’t look or sound good we judged it till you cried. I’m like that even to this day. It is hard for me to look at a polished turd and tell someone they did a great job. Sure society tells me I need to give them a trophy, but screw that! It’s a polished turd!

Don’t get me wrong, not everything I touch is gold, nor do I claim it to be, all I’m saying is I have an eye for the aesthetic. I think this is why I love bodybuilding so much. You literally get to build your body to fit that of a thing of beauty. Your face may look like dog crap, but the rest of you won’t.

I am finally getting to the meat and potatoes of this thing…I think.

Now. We covered graphic design, advertising, and physique, can you guess where I’m going? You nailed it, the depiction of people in print media specifically.

I am not a fan of plus sized models, I’m just not. Do I think they are pretty, yea some of them. Do I think the idea behind the “just be you,” idea is sound? Absolutely not.  I all about being comfortable with being yourself but I’m not about promoting being overweight, NOR UNDERWEIGHT OR EATING DISORDERS (for you assholes who will jump on me lol).

I get it comes down to self-esteem but how many doods saw 300 and were up in arms? I watched it last night which sparked this article and I for one appreciated the hard work and dedication.

Yes PS is a real thing, yes photographers change people, and this brings me back to the school days.

Advertising is to sell stuff and to look appealing. Do you want a Moby Dick sized dood with a million pimples selling Gucci? NO! You want James Bond.  You are going to accent muscles and fix wrinkles to be flawless. It’s art. If you want real life go the mall and do a 360 degree spin and soak in the average.



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