Oh the Times are a Changing…

Hey everyone I hope you are enjoying the blog and learning somethings about me. I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the content that you will see in the near future. 

My time of reflection and self examination has not come to a close and you can expect more open topics. In addition, I will be writing pieces based on society as a whole. I did that here Subliminal Criminal Article, and there will be more. 

If you have been following since the beginning, I say that as if it’s been long, you know this blog has been a piece of the podcast I run called TAILSPIN. With that in mind I will be posting more things about the show, video, graphics, episodes, and funny material.

At first I wanted to keep it separate but at the same time it is part of what made this a possibility and a part of my story as a whole. I will categorize my posts moving forward so they are easy to find. 

Thanks again for sticking around and please keep in touch and spread the word or start a chat. 

– Ryan 


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