Just Hear Those Sleigh Bells…

I know it’s late, but Gino and I are brainstorming ideas to get more people involved in the show and create marketing tools to make that happen. So last night we came up with an idea that allows us to take short segments from upcoming episodes and make fun commercials per se that can peak the interest of those who listen and those who don’t. 

Here is the link to our first one Video 1 what do you think? It didn’t take long and it allowed me to excersise my creativity in another avenue which is always nice. 

If you find it funny give it a share and help us bloom this tailspin that we call life. I want this blog and this show to become more of a community. If you have a problem or an idea I want you as a listener or a reader to write in and engage. What fun is content you can’t interact with? 

– Ryan 


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