Subliminal Criminals…

We live in a society today that is desperately pushing to move forward. Idealists are popping up everywhere, with thoughts on how we should think, act, or treat others. Lot of the time what they say is valid, but if you appose an issue, brace for cover.
Stay with me here, I’m not talking about hate speech or anything of that nature. That is something that should be stored away. What I am talking about is being able to voice an opinion of opposition without being labeled a racist, sexist, or a barrier to change. 
What exactly do I mean by this? Well for starters, have you seen the news? You have group A in the streets protesting for reason X, then you have group Y who may not agree with reason X and instantly they are part of the problem or completely against reason X. Is that really the case? Does a gray area not exist?
I feel like we have become even more divided because we can’t sit down and have a reasonable conversation about an issue. You can’t have middle ground, you are either for or against. I hate to make generalizations but we have become a country of sheep. We do, we believe it just because it’s said. We believe we should be democrat or republic because of the name not the political platform and god rest the soul who goes against it. How many people voted for this candidate or that one because of the party? Really? How many people hate this person because so and so said so or because it’s cool without lifting a finger to do any research?
Look I am not pro one way or another, I’m just calling attention to it and the reason I am is because of a show I’m watching called Blackish. If you haven’t watched it give it a gander without blinders. To me its entertaining but it is damn good at throwing wedges in hot topics and you are either for or against there is not a grey. 
If you know what I am talking about then you can relate, if you don’t that it is fine too. I don’t know I just feel like media, blind loyalty, and people not doing their own research has driven a wedge between many people groups.
I think it is okay not to agree with everything you hear, it’s okay to question a movement, and it’s okay to join a movement at the same time. With all of that said, everyone needs to understand that just because someone doesn’t see eye to eye with you they aren’t an enemy, a racist, or a sexist. 
I feel I have rambled more than made a complete point, but that is essentially what this blog is so it’s okay. 


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