The Joker and the Thief…

Fart jokes, dick jokes, butts / boobs, and two men walk into a bar, it doesn’t take a wizbang to tell a joke at this level yet it seems to be all the rage in pop culture. Why? Is it because it is low hanging fruit and the average IQ can’t go beyond, or am I just so out of touch with reality that I don’t know what is funny?

Holidays with my father’s side of the family were the most brootal times of the year. If you said something stupid, you better brace yourself deep in the trenches for the bombardment of quick witted furry that was about to be unleashed on your ass. My skin became shoe leather at an early age from the razor tongues of furry of my immediate family. 

Don’t get me wrong no one was being mean, but we could stretch a story, a joke, or a mistake until the air was sucked out of the room from the whole table hyperventilating from laughter. 

Obviously this developed my taste in humor but the problem is this isn’t the run of the mill joke telling experience for most of the population. For most, knock knock or pull my finger are the norm, not dark deadpan humor laced thick with subtle sarcasm. 

Today, I find it hard to turn it off. In social settings I can tear people to their core without trying. It’s not a goal, nor am I trying to be mean, I am just making conversation or riffing off a situation and end up hurting the feelings of people around me at times. Other times, I find the majority of people can’t keep up or can’t pick up on the subtle sarcasm or reference and look at me like guppy fish, bug eyed and mouths agape. 

I find that those closest to me are the same way. My best friends and even close friends are sometimes quicker than I am and even take pleasure in a faux pessimistic world view for comedic sake. We aren’t pessimistic.  Hell, we have more optimism and goals than most, but humor is found in the dark places. 

So obviously going out into the world I know that I have to understand that majority of people don’t function like this and dick jokes will reign supreme… With that said, I have learned to watch what I say at times and be sure not to direct jokes heavily at those who can’t handle it. I don’t think it is a requirement of me to change who I am and what I find funny, but I do think that it is my responsibility to be aware. 

It can bring people down. When you pick out bad things to joke about it, and they don’t know why you do that, it can ruin the fun of others. I am usually having a great time, but when I say, ” hopefully this guy contributes to  drive 45mph the whole way, I actually didn’t want to pass. ” I’m serious, that the guy is a jackass, but I expect my companion to add to the situation and laugh not be brought down by it, ya know?

It’s about picking my crowd. I don’t go out in the first place, so that really narrows down my options. Post healing, school, and post graduation move, I hope to venture out more and inevitably I’ll find people who are able to relate. 


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