I’ve Given Myself a Reason to Live For…

What are your hobbies, your interests, or at very least what do you do for fun? If you couldn’t name off at least 2 things aside from Netflix or sleep, it may be time to reevaluate. 

This post is not in judgement but an observation that I surpress and I think needs to be talked about. In today’s society I think partying and dumbing yourself down is the norm and the quest for knowledge, not just in books, but in interests is lost in many after college if even found at all. 

My favorite movie is Troy. Not for the battles or necissarly the plot, but for the character of Achilles and one of the first scenes in the movie. 

Early in the film, a boy is sent to wake Achilles and send him into battle. While the two are talking, the boy mentions that the man Achilles is about to face is frightening and that he himself would not want to face him. The quote that follows is my favorite line from any movie.  “That’s why no one will remember your name.”

That’s the truth! Who will remember mine, yours? I’m not saying we all have to go out in a blaze of glory, but that son of a gun was the best at what he did. What do you do? Yea your family will remember you, but who after that. 

We are a blip on this infinite timeline and nothing really matters anyway, but while you are here, make a damn impact, learn something, or become the best at what you like to do. 

In our podcast this week 

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we discussed living your life and not being that guy or girl that fills their life with booze and Netflix. This inspired me to write this post. 

I am consistently pushing myself to learn and to grow. Progress is the key. Photography, our podcast, my music, my body through fitness, knowledge it never ends, and that is what life is about. 

How do you carry a conversation if you don’t have anything to say? I think that is why drinking is so popular, it is a common thing people can relate to. If I’m having a beer, I want to discuss with you how you are progressing in this life to be remembered, not how drunk you were the night before. 

What you do does not have to be artistic. Play a sport (not watch a sport), travel, study rocks haha I don’t care but after you read this I hope you are inspired to do something. Put down the beer, the shopping bag, turn off the tv and add depth to your character. Make sure you are remembered for something. 


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