You Gotta Have Faith…

Christian, Muslim, Hindu, how do you decide your faith? Is it how you are brought up, something you choose? And once you find your faith how do you hold on? These are all questions I was faced with while attending one of my favorite classes in college. Since then however, I’ve found it increasingly difficult to believe in much of anything.

I was raised in a Christian home, church every Sunday, prayer at dinner, so on and so forth. When I was younger I believed in what I was told and modeled a lot of my morals off what what I felt was right in the eyes of God.

As I grew up, I started questioning things. My father, always believed in a higher power but never believed in a structured religion. He and I would have philosophical debates for hours that would leave me scratching my head and wondering what was real and what was BS.

When I would talk to my mother about issues I had about the Bible I was basically shut down. Really an ark held that many animals and it’s incredibly similar to the Babylonian story? Okay, I’ll buy it for now. Once I attended Greenville, a lot of my questions were addressed but not answered.

Greenville, a liberal arts, Christian university requires students to take a few bible study / religion based courses before graduations. In COR 301, we discussed different religions and some of the questionable things in the Bible.

The things I questioned for so long, I found out many Christians agree to be parables, stories meant to teach a lesson. Oh yea the creation story, it’s a poem. We learned that you don’t read each book the same. The concept sounds like common sense, but the way I was raised wasn’t that way.

You’ve heard the story of Exodus right? How all the Jews escaped? Yea funny story, there isn’t any archeological evidence of that ever happening, nor Egyptian records of their entire workforce getting up and leaving. After hearing this my mind was blown.

How can you take anything seriously? If there is nothing holding this book to the real world, how do you “believe?” I know there are real places and some real events but nothing is tangible. It’s difficult for me, a very logical person, to blindly hold on. I want to, I want to have this overwhelming feeling but I can’t force it. Now what?


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