Who I am and Why a Blog?


my name is Ryan Besse I’m a co-host on the podcast TAILSPIN and a man in his mid 20’s trying to navigate life’s struggles.

For the past year I have undergone multiple back surgeries to fix a lumbar injury that has left me on a road of self-reflection. Don’t worry I’m not rolling around like professor x, it was just a series of operations that led to a spinal fusion at one level. Obviously many have it worse, but lying around for so long causes you to exam yourself, your friends, your relationships, and your faith.

I’ve come to a point where I am basically hitting the restart button on life. The slate is clean at the moment and I’m trying to make changes to better myself.

Unlike the show where we talk about life’s troubles with a humorous twist to entertain, I write this for myself.

If you believe in personality tests, I’m as INTJ and type A as they come, making it difficult for me to express emotions, and open up. I have emotions I’m not a robot, but I don’t cry at the notebook and the odds of me getting offended is rare. I can’t change everything, but there are things I can work on to be better.

I don’t know how many entries I will have, or when I will post. I plan to cover, relationships, self-reflection, recovering from injury, and my loss of faith to name a few. If you can relate to my stories, feelings, or situations then that is an added bonus and feel free to reach out if you know me. If not, leave a comment below.



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