…There’s the Door Baby. 

Last time I talked about relationships and I’m going to be continuing that theme with a little thing called tinder.

“Dating” apps are the new craze. Swipe left or right and find yourself the next person of interest.

I’ve recently gone through a breakup from a serious relationship and followed the same advice we have all heard before, “find someone new. ”

In a moment or two of weakness I downloaded the infamous tinder app. I thought what’s the harm maybe I’ll meet someone interesting. I was wrong…

After endless thumb swipes you begin to notice a pattern on the about section. Most go something like this:

  • Party
  • Looking for a good time
  • Sorority (insert name)
  • I like my dog, your dog, the worlds fucking dogs, better than you

Like clockwork the same thing over and over.

I had a few matches so I tried reaching out. The lack of conversation is astounding. It wasn’t until I talked to one of my friends that I realized I was doing it all wrong.

I went into tinder to find someone interesting, or better yet a distraction, however everyone else goes into tinder for a one night stands. I knew guys did but I like to assume women have a higher moral standard, and quickly found out they don’t.

I am not looking down on anyone who uses that app or is in favor of one night stands, but that isn’t me and it never will be.

I feel as if I’m out of phase with what society tells me I should be doing. I don’t go out to parties very often because drinking till I drop doesn’t interest me, and people who do aren’t generally there to pick your brain.

This is something I’m trying to change. I’m trying to get out more, and not judge people by their cover. Obviously incredibly intelligent people go and do the things I’ve mentioned above, but I’m looking for a meaningful relationship and or friends to hangout with. If you want to grab a drink at a concert, or chill and have a glass of wine I’m with you. Drinking till I drop? I’ll pass.

Getting back on track, I don’t understand the mentality of hookups, I’m not casting judgement I just can’t wrap my head around it because it is so foreign to me.

How many girls and guys sell themselves short by hooking up with someone and walking away? What if they talked and got to know each other? Would they still hookup or would they go separate ways?

Like the last post we pass up good things for the quick fix. We wait until we are late 20’s early 30’s then freak out and scramble to find a good guy or girl. Why not find a good guy or girl young and not screw everything that moves? You can still do whatever it is you are into even if that includes partying. Yea you’ll go home with the same person, but why is that bad?

I quickly deleted tinder after this coming to my senses and recognizing I will never be that person. Despite what friends say I want to be tied down, playing the field night after night isn’t for me.

Sometimes in reflecting you don’t find things that you need to change, instead you solidify things that make you who you are.


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